Penrith & District Red Squirrel Group

Preserving red squirrels in their natural environment within the Penrith & District area

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Penrith & District Red Squirrel Group (P&DRSG) is a registered charity committed to preserving red squirrels in their natural environment within the Penrith & District area and their protection from extinction in the wild.

We were founded in 1994 by local people concerned that they would lose their red squirrels if something was not done about grey squirrels encroaching on the area and becoming established; as they had in the rest of England.

The group became a registered charity in 2006 and has a growing network of supporters, members and volunteers plus dedicated Red Squirrel Rangers.

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It is without doubt that the tremendous success of P&DRSG’s work for red squirrels to date has helped to protect these enchanting creatures and prevented them from becoming extinct and could not have been achieved without effective grey squirrel management and the support of our members.

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Through the groups’ consistent squirrel management programmes, the much loved iconic red squirrels can survive and thrive into the future however, overcoming many of the challenges the grey squirrels bring is no mean feat!

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